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Nov 27 2015
We are Revived!

Jun 1 2007
Achievement awards and certificates distributed to WEL participants

Jan 20 2007
Beyond Borders: Global Health and Migrating Populations

Dec 17 2006
Dr. Christine Gabali will be presenting an abstract entitled "Literacy: A Fundamental Resource for Global Health" at the 16th Annual Global Health Education Consortium conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in February 2007.

Oct 25 2006
Medical Student Poster Presentation, October 17, 2006

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Community. Health. Education.

IASE (International Alliance in Service and Education) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation.  Our primary mission is based on two main components:  1) the promotion of culture specific healthcare literacy, and 2) the dissemination of general education and life skills to members of local and international disenfranchised communities.  IASE programs have in the past also focused specifically on the elderly, women, the disabled, and children.  IASE's secondary mission is based on the promotion of moral and ethical responsibility in students who participate in community based work that focuses on healthcare and education.  US college students can engage in IASE's experiential learning programs (service learning) locally or internationally.  Our organization integrates the practical techniques and philosophical foundations of the experiential learning pedagogy throughout its curriculum.  IASE is one of the few organizations that offers a comprehensive international experiential learning program.

IASE works in partnership with local community leaders.  This policy is intended to ensure a proper assessment of community needs and establishes a working alliance between students, professionals, and communities in the areas of health and education.

IASE is committed to help support community based programs in healthcare and education as they develop in diverse communities located in the US and internationally.  Explore our website to discover how you can become involved in our unique and rewarding programs.