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Oct 25 2006
Medical Student Poster Presentation, October 17, 2006

IASE AND ITS PARTNERS have delivered once again: Medical students, Lena Winestone and Sara Stern-Nezer presented a Poster titled "Community Health Interventions: Reaching Underserved Student Population" at the Fall Forum on Community Health and Public Service at the Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. The poster was to present a summary of the continuous work that has evolved through the four years of a partnership between Hoover Magnet Elementary School, Stanford University Medical School, and IASE to the greater Palo Alto community. These project presentations are a culmination of medical students'work that involves bringing health education into the elementary school. Medical students enroll in an elective course taught by educators from Stanford Medical School, and IASE thus bringing together: the local school, the academic institution, and the NGO to work together to address the needs of underserved school children, while creating a bridge between communities.

Nov 27 2015
We are Revived!

Jun 1 2007
Achievement awards and certificates distributed to WEL participants

Jan 20 2007
Beyond Borders: Global Health and Migrating Populations

Dec 17 2006
Dr. Christine Gabali will be presenting an abstract entitled "Literacy: A Fundamental Resource for Global Health" at the 16th Annual Global Health Education Consortium conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in February 2007.

Oct 25 2006
Medical Student Poster Presentation, October 17, 2006