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About IASE




About International Alliance in Service and Education

IASE was founded in the year 2000 to address the effects of poverty on health and education.  These effects include illiteracy, malnutrition, chronic illness, lack of job skills, substance abuse, and inadequate living conditions both locally and internationally.

IASE developed a three-part framework to guide its work in international health and education.  This framework is outlined as follows:  1) to provide access to health care for disenfranchised communities; 2) to disseminate education to marginalized ethnic groups; and 3) to encourage community members and scholars to learn from each other through collaboration and cooperation.  This third part is an alternative to programs based on charity and volunteerism, which seem to result in dependency rather than growth.

This educational framework defines IASE's experiential learning (also known as service learning), a methodology based on the service learning pedagogy.  Service learning pedagogy places an emphasis on experience and learning to instill an awareness of community issues as defined by the culture of that community.  This intellectual and visceral awareness develops in conjunction with a sense of obligation.  Use of this style anticipates the promotion of the health and education of the global marginalized community.


IASE's primary mission is based on the following two components:  1) promotion of culture-specific health literacy; and 2) dissemination of general education and life skills to disenfranchised local and international communities.  Our programs have, in addition, also specifically focused on groups such as the elderly, women, disabled, and children.  IASE's secondary mission is based on the promotion of moral responsibility and ethical awareness in students as they participate in community based work in health and education.  This work is provided through IASE's international health and community internships that are based on an experiential learning model (service learning).  Our organization integrates the practical techniques and philosophical foundations of the experiential learning pedagogy throughout its curriculum.  IASE is one of the few organizations that uses this approach and offers a comprehensive international experiential learning program.

IASE is dedicated to developing equity in education and health through participation.


IASE's goal is to empower communities through education and experience learning initiatives.  This will promote sustainable development of communities that goes beyond charity.  The unity of academic study and experience has the following important advantages:  1) a cross-cultural exchange in learning and skill development; 2) application of knowledge within a contextual practice; and 3) personal growth of participants while addressing the basic needs of communities.


IASE's main objectives are comprised of the following:  1) guiding and encouraging students' reflections about international moral and ethical responsibilities as they work in a community different from their own, domestically or abroad; 2) supporting existing community leadership and strengths within these communities; 3) acknowledging and respecting local social values and customs; and 4) providing experiential learning opportunities within the United States and in other parts of the world for students of a variety of disciplines including health, mental health, public health, education, international relations, environmental and urban studies, and business.

Future sites

IASE is working to build community alliances in various parts of the world, including the US and Canada.


IASE accepts contributions for the purchase of medicine, medical, educational supplies, and program scholarships for community research projects. To make a donation, please call our office at (415) 982-1296. Thank you.


About IASE