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Application Process





Application Procedure

Participants in the IASE International Experiential Learning Program may either request an application form by mail or submit the application form online.

All the application material have to be submitted and complete before being reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Applicants are encouraged to apply before the deadline, as there is a limited number of students accepted to the programme. Applicants should hear from IASE within four to eight weeks after the application has been received in completion.  Once a student has been selected to participate in the program, the student has the responsibility of ensuring that half of the tuition is paid at the time of acceptance, and the balance of the tuition paid IN FULL 30 days before the student is scheduled for departure.  If a student has failed to pay tuition in full by this deadline, the student will no longer be enrolled in the program.   

The Selection Process

IASE is interested in applicants who have a strong humanitarian commitment and who show evidence of originality, creativity, initiative, and a capacity for reflection and critical thinking.  Enthusiasm for the sciences in community work is preferred. The Admissions Committee favor applications from participants who have demonstrated their enthusiasm working in community health (bballworld) and education, environment, community research, and relevant international issues.
Furthermore, the Committee favors participants who are both highly qualified and diverse in terms of culture, class, gender, race, ethnicity, background work and life experiences, skills, and interest.

Application to Our Program

Prior to submitting an application, please read the following documents which outline significant participation policies.

These documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

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Please use the form below to apply to one of IASE's Community Experiencial Learning Projects.  Please contact info@iaseco.org for further information regarding the program.
Personal Identification
Full Name
Please include first and last name
Date of Birth
Please include all specializations

Permanent Address
Secondary Email

University Address

Emergency Contact
Full Name
Please include first and last name
Relationship to You
Street Address
Home Phone
Work Phone

Please answer the following important questions:

1. How much time would you like to spend in the program?
# of Weeks

1a. To which program would you like to apply?
Mexico or South Africa

2. Provide dates you could be available for the program (from date of arrival to the site to departure date).
3. What is your knowledge of the Spanish language (only for Mexico Program)?

4. Write a short essay explaining your motivation to participate in an international Experiencial Learning Program (500 words max).

5. In order of priority, list the 3 most important reasons why you are choosing an Experiencial Learning Program.

6. In order of priority, list your 3 most important educational objectives for this Experiencial Learning Program.

7. How do you expect the experience to impact your future education/professional career?

8. Have you had prior work/study experience in a developing nation? If yes, please include where your experience was, what program and for how long. If your answer is no, please include why you are choosing our program.

9. How did you find out about IASE programs?

Health Status

A. Do you have any physical or health related problems? If yes, please describe.

B. Do you have any allergies? If yes, please describe.

C. Do you have any allergies to any medicines? If yes, please describe.

Two Professional References
In order to complete your application, please provide two references for the Experiencial Learning Program. By clicking on the link below you may download and print out the IASE Reference Form. This form is to be filled out and mailed directly by your referencers. You may choose a professor and an employer, or two professors as your referencers. Mailing information is included in the form, but for further information please send an email to info@iaseco.org.

Downloadable IASE Reference Form

The Reference Form is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, you may download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

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Thank you for applying to IASE!  After you submit your application, you will be taken to a page where you can pay your Program Registration Fee. 

Information submitted on this form, including email addresses, is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.


Application Process