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Fariba Faiz, Esq. - Executive Director

From March 2000 to present, Ms. Faiz has served as an Executive Director, member of the Board of Directors for IASE.  Most recently, Ms. Faiz completed negotiations for collaborative efforts and exchange on behalf of IASE with the University of Pretoria School of Medicine.  Said program commenced in July 2003.

Ms. Faiz has conducted negotiations on a global level.  Specifically, she has served as lead negotiator and advisor in the Netherlands, Egypt, South Africa and Mexico, conducting talks on collaborative efforts on behalf of her clients with educational institutions such as the University of Pretoria, the Suez Canal University, American University of Cairo, various NGOs as well as international organizations including World Health Organization.

Ms. Faiz has written extensively and advised on contemporary problems in international political economy including economic reforms in Eastern Europe, economic integrations in Western Europe, impact of the Gulf crisis on the oil market and the development crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ms. Faiz is an immigration attorney whose practice focuses on business-based and family-based immigration as well as temporary work visas.  In addition, Ms. Faiz provides consultation to potential investors or agents on matters including foreign direct investment in California and issues relating to compliance with the provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT with respect to foreign investments and blocked transactions proscribed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control; site location analysis and transfer of foreign employees; California economic development incentives; California permit and regulatory processes and in-bound investment missions.

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Fariba Faiz, Esq.

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