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Ernesto Gaona, M.D. - Medical Director

Dr. Gaona has a degree in M.D. Surgeon Physician in Univeridad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City.  He did his residency in Cardiology at the Universite de Paris, in Paris France.  Dr. Gaona has completed CME in American Medical Association on Endocrinology (Osteoporosis), Glaucoma, Interactive Ground Rounds in Cardiology, Diabetes and intensive diseases.

Dr. Gaona has participated in numerous community based projects research. "Therapeutic Procedures in Coronary Artery Disease," "The prevalence of non-insulin diabetes mellitus in rural Mexico," Prevalence of non-insulin diabetes in rural Mexico, and "Patient/Physician Relations: A Trans-cultural Study".  Dr. Gaona has attended International Conferences and Symposium in the U.S., France and Mexico.

In Mexico, Dr. Gaona has worked with the government health agencies in a variety of programs in Public Health, helped Physicians in the area of cardiovascular medicine.

In France, during his residency he taught international Health, especially rural health in Mexico, and participated in medical forums regarding prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  He has worked and served as Cardiologist at government level and private sector.

As Medical Director and Educator, Dr. Gaona is responsible for the medical education material of all students participating in the International Service Learning locally and internationally.  He is responsible for developing the health literacy material for IASE community programs for Latino workers at Stanford and for immigrant families at Sequoia High School, offering professional development classes to Mexican doctors, and training medical preceptors to ensure the quality of medical education abroad.

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Ernesto Gaona, MD

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