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Bianca Zahrai, Esq. has been the Chief Financial Officer of IASE since July 2000. As such, Ms. Zahrai directs the overall financial plans and accounting practices of the Organization, and oversees treasury, accounting, budget, tax and audit activities of the Organization. Ms. Zahrai is also charged with implementing and directing financial and accounting system controls and standards and ensures timely financial and statistical reports, grant procurement and administration, international travel to site locations for evaluation of service-learning programs. Ms. Zahrai reviews and identifies compliance issues, making recommendations and direct implementation of appropriate programs. As the CFO, Ms. Zahrai manages exposure in policies, procedures and controls, as well as help ensure compliance required by regulatory agencies, such as the IRS. Ms. Zahrai is also an ERISA and Employee Benefits Consultant and Lecturer and writes extensively on ERISA and Employee Benefits matters. She is also a frequent contributor to various publications.

Christine Gabali, Ed.D.

Fariba Faiz, Esq.

Bianca Zahrai, Esq.

Ernesto Gaona, MD

David Cameron, M.B.Ch., M..Prax.Med.