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  •  an educational organization for public benefit. 
  •  an organization that offers content and process  based courses. 
  •  an organization that focuses on ethical and civic  awareness. 
  •  an organization that aims toward the self- sufficiency and sustainability of its 

         community  partners.



  •  a volunteer program. 
  •  an adventure program in the third world. 
  •  a medical tourism.
  •  a charity organization. 
  •  a charity for "charity's sake" organization.
  •  an organization that is religious or political in character.

What IASE is and is not?

What are the requirements of the Service Learning/Experiential Program?

What if I am not conversant in Spanish, or the native language of the site?

What if I am conversant in Spanish? Do I still need to take Language lessons?

I am not a medical student. Do I still need a preceptor sponsor from my college/university?

What day should I arrive? Where should I fly in?

How much leisure time do I have?

How much spending money should I bring?

What should I bring to the site?

Is there anything special I need to bring?

Is there phone or e-mail access?

Am I covered by Health Insurance?

Where will I stay during the program?

What is the Service Learning/Experiential Program?