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Where will I stay during the program?

In Mexico, students stay with a carefully selected host family in Cuernavaca and/or in Mazatepec. Students share rooms with other students.  Meals are prepared in the residence. Students who prefer vegetarian meals or who are allergic to certain foods should let the Coordinator and the host family know.  Both, the Mazatepec and Cuernavaca homestay cost are included in the program fee.

In South Africa,  you will reside at the University of Pretoria Hammenskraal campus.  The students occupy an individual room (singles), with shared bathrooms.  All three meals (except for sack lunches) are prepared and served in the Hammenskraal cafeteria.

Also in South Africa, students who prefer vegetarian meals, or who are allergic to certain foods should let IASE staff know when applying to the program, and inform the residence director/coordinator upon arrival at the site. 

Hammenskraal residence has a pool that can be enjoyed during the summer or in the winter depending on the student.  Also available are tennis and basketball courts.

In both sites, room and board are included in the program fee.  During the weekend, when students are on fieldtrips, and/or are eating in a restaurant/fast food, they will have to pay for their own meals.

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Where will I stay during the program?

What is the Service Learning/Experiential Program?