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How much leisure time do I have?

Depending on the program and the program schedule. 

For the Mexico program, because of the rural and urban program, most students have Saturday, Sunday evenings off and some weekday evenings. Some weekends are reserved for scheduled field trips that are educational in nature.

For the South Africa program, the weekend is usually reserved for field trips, and some weekends and evenings are left open.

However, it really depends on the purpose of your travel.  If you are traveling in order to have a "vacation," then it is advisable that you DO NOT APPLY to the program, as the purpose and focus of this program is personal and professional growth, and what you want to do and get out of the experience there.

What IASE is and is not?

What are the requirements of the Service Learning/Experiential Program?

What if I am not conversant in Spanish, or the native language of the site?

What if I am conversant in Spanish? Do I still need to take Language lessons?

I am not a medical student. Do I still need a preceptor sponsor from my college/university?

What day should I arrive? Where should I fly in?

How much leisure time do I have?

How much spending money should I bring?

What should I bring to the site?

Is there anything special I need to bring?

Is there phone or e-mail access?

Am I covered by Health Insurance?

Where will I stay during the program?

What is the Service Learning/Experiential Program?