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What if I am not conversant in Spanish, or the native language of the site?

Language classes are part of the IASE program.  These classes are not to be confused to those offered by the Spanish immersion language schools. 

If, however, a student feels that her/his Spanish language skills are quite low, then it is advised that s/he enrolls in our intensive language class whose focus is on "practical language skills."  

We recommend that students who are not conversant in Spanish, and prefer not to travel to take additional classes in their home institution before their arrival.

As for any of the inidgenous languages such as Tswana or Nahuatl, students are not expected to be conversant, nor are they expected to "become conversant."   Indigenous languages are offered to students in order for them to learn and understand the effects and influences/or lack of it these play in the socio-political, economic, and cultural arena of that country.

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What if I am not conversant in Spanish, or the native language of the site?

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What is the Service Learning/Experiential Program?