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Jun 1 2007
Achievement awards and certificates distributed to WEL participants

IASE distributed certificates of completion and achievement awards to students enrolled in the Workplace Literacy Program (WEL). Students were filled with pride as they received their certificates. It is indeed an achievement to be proud of. The event took place in Roble Hall, Stanford University attended by Roger Whitney, Executive Director, Student Housing, Stanford University; Imogen Hinds, Associate Director of Housing Operations, Stanford University; Dr. Ernesto Gaona, Medical Director, IASE; Dr. Christine Gabali, President and Founder, IASE; Ms. Teresa Riseborough, Shelita Larteri, Mia Love, Supervisors for Student Housing at Stanford University ; managers and co-workers from Student Housing. The WEL program will resume classes in the Fall of 2007 with new students, and with those continuing students who will be taking English classes at a more advanced levels in preparation for enrolling in a GED program, which will also be offered by IASE.

Feb 28 2005
Hoover Health Festival

Dec 20 2004
IASE would like to extend its gratitude to Wells Fargo Bank for its contribution to the Workplace English Literacy (WEL) program.

May 10 2004
IASE's newest program. Citizenship courses to Latino population and other immigrants.

Apr 23 2004
Dr. Christine Gabali, Founder & President of IASE, was a Guest Speaker in M.U.S.T Banquet in the University of Iowa Health Care Family Medicine.