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Experiential Learning Programs with a Difference

The International Experiential Learning Program is open to scholars with a focus in clinical health, public health, education, business, international policies, or environmental issues while developing professional and personal skills in an international setting.

We encourage you to apply!

International:  South Africa & Mexico Program

Both programs focus on health and education in the area of primary care, public health community-based research projects, mental and chronic disease management, nutrition, tropical and infectious diseases, and topics and services that are relevant and identified by the local community.

Local:  Workplace Education Literacy Program (WEL)

The WEL Program is offered in the place of employment and designed to help support minority workers who speak little or no English, who are illiterate to low-literate in their native language, and for those who are unable to attend English classes due to economic and time constraints.  The participants learn how to read, write, and speak grammatically correct English.  In addition to teaching English literacy, the WEL program focuses on increasing the literacy level of workers in their native language, thus bolstering their self-confidence in learning and speaking English.  On some sites, college students are recruited to participate in the program as tutors while following the IASE experiential learning curriculum.

Future Sites

IASE is working toward building strong community alliances in other communities locally and internationally.


Local and International Programs

South Africa Program

Mexico Program

WEL Program

Community Based Experiential Learning Program in Hoover School and Sequoia High School