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The objectives for the school based health and education community project are:
1. To develop a comprehensive and innovative health education programs and basic health screening for students in the Sequoia Union High School District and the Redwood City Elementary School District;
2. To offer opportunities for Stanford students to learn directly about the local community, by participating in it; and to develop in Stanford students an ethical awareness of the community;
3. To teach health screening skills to Stanford students;
4. To introduce Stanford students to a service-learning process, that implies personal and professional development within themselves equivalent to any proposed change in the community;
5. To identify additional community involvement that could contribute to the success of this project, such as outreach to families.

Program Description:

The anticipated initial form of the project includes a combination of health education and screening, to take place in the Hoover Elementary School and Sequoia High School one afternoon (or morning) per week, and on Saturday mornings  In order to promote interactive learning, Stanford medical at Stanford will engage the children, adolescents, and teachers in identifying health education topics of interest to them; and will then identify methods for presenting the content, such as skits, dramas, discussion groups, mini-lectures (from Stanford students or from the teachers/nurses) or flyers.  
Regular confidential health screening opportunities will be available, in the form of health questionnaires; regular confidential health screenings; clinical health screenings of the children, adolescents, and their families; addressing health concerns and issues; participating in health fairs; and developing a permanent school based clinical health program for children/adolescents and their families. Medical Students participate in IASE training  designed to develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, and to develop an ethical awareness and understanding of community based work.



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Community Based Experiential Learning Program in Hoover School and Sequoia High School